My Roarin' Twenties?

You wanna talk to me?! That makes me feel so special!   B.R.I.A.N.N.A. That's how you spell my name. I'm 21 and I post my artwork and whatever happens to be floatin' my boat at the moment. I also do art!

Michael was just as priceless as a child.

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Best part of the movie…pure Disney magic.

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Michael has so many pictures of his kids, he had to get two phones. With two numbers! And he pays two bills. He’s just so happy to have a family plan. 

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Make it blue! Make it pink!

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And everybody know the story of David and Goliath,

but this is bigger than triumph.

This is for the warrior,

this is for you and I.

This is for euphoria,

give me a peace of mind.

God is recording this,

won’t you look at the sky?

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New Big Hero 6 footage


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Princeless, Volume 1



Place a hold on this great graphic novel with your Timberland Regional Library card at

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kida nedakh for rapunzael

I have some questions for you, and you are not leaving this city until they are answered! 

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It’s hard to live that way, man. You gotta really not care what people think about you.

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The Cabin Group - edited [x]

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[Stick out your tongue]

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Girl on fire.

From My Hero


Girl on fire.

From My Hero

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